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Carmela McCain Simmons

Author & Educator

Ocean and sand


Like café con leche, I am the unique blend of two wonderfully rich backgrounds.

Sand and ocean


My first memory of writing was when I learned how to spell my name in first grade. I penciled it all over our white porch steps. When I showed my father, he proudly smiled, then said, “I guess we need to get you some paper.”

Clear water at the beach


One of my greatest joys is sharing in a child’s wonder as he or she discovers the world.

Make you the world a bit better or more beautiful because you have lived in it.


About Me

I am a Peruvian-American writer with a passion for sharing nature’s wonders and my cultural heritage with young readers through nonfiction picture books.  I write stories of hope about our environment, stories that empower children with tools to achieve a better future.

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