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David is a small eight-year-old with a dream as big as the ocean – exploring coral reefs like his hero, Jacques Cousteau. He makes up his mind and dives into work, becoming the youngest scuba diver around. It’s a dream come true, until his colorful coral castles begin to fade.

CORAL CODE is a 890-word picture book biography of the determined, award-winning scientist whose eureka accident showed him that sometimes huge problems have tiny solutions. It is a tale of hope and good news about the future of our environment that should appeal to fans of SHARK LADY and BRILLIANT DEEP. Back matter includes simple ways readers can be ocean heroes by helping the environment.


A boring kayak trip turns into an adventure when kids notice tiny hand-prints on the riverbank, then hear “Huff! Spray….PLOOSH!” in the water, and wonder, WHO’S IN THE MANGROVES?

A 236-word informational fiction picture book, WHO’S IN THE MANGROVES? is a nature guessing game for children ages 3-6. OVER AND UNDER meets WHO AM I?


Five flamboyant flamingos, six slobbery slugs, eight ambling alpacas, ten tan tapirs… THIRSTY! counts from one to billions showcasing unique ways animals drink and the importance of the global water crisis. Written in 296 tongue-twisting words, THIRSTY!, a nonfiction picture book, will appeal to readers ages 6-8 who enjoy CAN AN AARDVARK BARK? by Melissa Stewart and nature books by Steve Jenkins. Teachers will find the back matter and sidebars support school science standards.